Yuri and Yamato

kitchen knives - easy to use -

enjoy cooking Japanese cuisine.


These kitchen knives feature classic *SANTOKU, NAKIRI and DEBA knives which have been used in Japanese kitchen for centuries.

(*SANTOKU = all-purpose use, NAKIRI = vegetable use, DEBA = fish use)


Blacksmiths of SEKI city show their skills in sharpening blades. They sandwich the highly hardness molybdenum-vanadium promising long lasting sharp edge with the low-carbon stainless steel resisting against rust.



SANTOKU knives


Both series have SANTOKU knives which cook variety of ingredients into variety of cuisine. These must have knives make your daily cooking fun.





YURI series were developed by hands of female staffs who involve in knife industry. With their experience in cooking and knowledge of knives, they shaped the ideal design for daily use. They came up with the idea that was the thinnest blade ever in SHIZU knife catalog. With nature of thin blade, you cut ingredients with very small streng


In YURI series, there is NAKIRI which dices vegetable beautifully. Despite NAKIRI does so, this vegetable specialized NAKIRI type of knife has been losing its popularity due to its tiring weight. Year 2016 is time to come back for NAKIRI. This new NAKIRI has very thin blade and perfectly balanced handle that achieve enjoynable use.





Yamato series have DEBA and YANAGIBA blade which have double-edged blades that make cutting easy for both left and right handed user.

Another feature of YAMATO series is hammered marks that prevent food sticking to the blade.


The Deba and Yanagiba of Yamato have double-edged blades that make cutting easy either left handed and right handed.


Yuri knife blade finished thinner whenever possible, it provide able to cut food more less force compare to usual kitchen knife.

Product list


from the left




 JAN 292933

 Total length 295mm

 Blade length 175mm

 Weight 110g





 JAN 292926

 Total length 310mm

 Blade length 190mm

 Weight 90g



□Petit knife


 JAN 292940

 Total length 250mm

 Blade length 140mm

 Weight 65g


from the left




 JAN 292919

 Total length 330mm

 Blade length 205mm

 Weight 130g





 JAN 292896

 Total length 310mm

 Blade length 185mm

 Weight 130g



■Deba SY-4401

 JAN 292902

 Total length 290mm

 Blade length 160mm

 Weight 150g


〇 material ‐ Blade : 3Layers of steel

(High carbon molybdenum vanadium steel AUS8 &low carbon SUS1A-1)

Handle: Laminated reinforced wood.


〇 The handle is made of laminated reinforced wood that is easy to grip and tough against water.


〇 Grain and color can make each knife look slightly different from actual products       shown in catalogue.


〇 Do not keep wet for long time.


〇 Maker Code/4571313