Vflex kitchen knife


The V flex knife is designed by Mats Longrane, a Finish designer, with a Japanese thread clips motif, and has a characteristic unique handle.

The cushioning handle is comfortable to grip, and will make for enjoyable cooking.

Just hang it up when not in use to provide a stylish accent to your kitchen’s interior design.

Thin and small stainless steel blade cut clean, suitable for children,student and beginner cooking, alone or with friends, on a kitchen table,at a picnic or camping.

This is an ideal knife, quality made in Japan, at a reasonable price with design and color variation, and easy to store.



Material:Stainless steel

Handle:Polypropylene(Heat-resistance temperature 110℃)

Made in Japan 


Product list

Santoku knife

  Full length: 261mm
  Blade length: 126mm
  Weight: 53g

Petty knife

  Full length: 282mm

  Blade length: 147mm
  Weight: 49g

Bread knife

  Full length: 291mm
  Blade length: 156mm
  Weight: 49 g

Color somple