Uflex kitchen knife


Presenting the Shikisai U-Flex designed by the Finnish designer Mats Lönngren.

The grip style and color variations of these knives fully express the joy of the designer and are brimming with a sense of fun that will surely translate to an exciting and enjoyable time while you are cooking.

The distinctive U-shaped cushioned handle provides an extremely comfortable grip.

The knife is simple to care for as the blade has been specially treated to resist damage.

The U Series, combining comfortable use and stylish design, can be easily used by everyone from children to adults.



Material:Stainless steel


Made in Japan 


Product list

Chef's knife

  Full length: 330mm
  Blade length: 200mm
  Weight: 91g

Santoku (L)

  Full length: 289mm

  Blade length: 159mm
  Weight: 76g

Santoku (S)

  Full length: 275mm
  Blade length: 145mm
  Weight: 68 g

Bread knife

  Full length: 336mm
  Blade length: 206mm
  Weight: 68 g