Miyako SUS Damascus kitchen knife


Developed to embody the essential functions and beauty of knives.This masterpiece has all the beauty of classical Japanese knives.
Damascus steel, highly valued for its beauty in medieval Syria,has been reproduced for use in the blade, while a matte finish is applied once more after mirror polishing to achieve a soft luster.
The blade is carefully formed using the artisanal techniques of the famed blacksmiths of Seki in order to attain a truly vivid sharpness.
The design of the handle achieves a unique style that fits extremely snugly and comfortably in your hand with a finely crafted
rounded shape.
Experience for yourself the ease of handling and secure feeling this knife puts in your hand.

Material:33Layers of Damascus steel
       (High carbon molybdenum vanadium steel AUS8&low carbon SUS1A-1)

Handle:Laminated Wood Handle
 Made in Japan 

Product list

■Gyuto and Santoku

Gyuto 240mm

  Full length: 372mm
  Blade length: 240mm
  Weight: 193g

Gyuto 210mm

  Full length: 342mm

  Blade length: 210mm
  Weight: 173g

Gyuto 180mm

  Full length: 312mm
  Blade length: 180mm
  Weight: 158g

Santoku 180mm

  Full length: 312mm
  Blade length: 180mm
  Weight: 168g

Gyuto 165mm

  Full length: 297mm
  Blade length: 165mm
  Weight: 157g

■Japanese style


  Full length: 372mm

  Blade length: 240mm (Single edge)
  Weight: 195g


  Full length: 297mm
  Blade length: 165mm (Single edge)
  Weight: 201g

■Bread knife

Bread knife

  Full length: 362mm

  Blade length: 230mm (Single edge)
  Weight: 136g

■Small knives

Petty knife 130mm

  Full length: 248mm
  Blade length: 130mm
  Weight: 81 g

Petty knife 110mm

  Full length: 228mm
  Blade length: 110mm
  Weight: 77 g


  Full length: 195mm

  Blade length: 80 mm
  Weight: 64 g


  Full length: 178mm
  Blade length: 60mm
  Weight: 64 g