Kaze SUS Damascus Blade Knife (Uflex handle)


This knife has a Damascus having a calm texture blade and unique designers handle.

Damascus steel, highly valued for its beauty inmedieval Syria, has been reproduced for use in the blade, while a matte finish is applied once more after mirror polishing to achieve a soft luster.

The blade is carefully formed using the artisanal techniques of the famed blacksmiths of Seki in order to attain a truly vivid sharpness.

And the grip style and color variations of these knives fully express the joy of the designer and are brimming with a sense of fun that will surely translate to an exciting and enjoyable time while you are cooking.

The knife made in a compromise between East and West.



Material:33Layers of Damascus steel

(High carbon molybdenum vanadium steel AUS8&low carbon SUS1A-1)


Made in Japan 

Product list

Chef's knife

  Full length: 330mm
  Blade length: 200mm
  Weight: 103g


  Full length: 290mm

  Blade length: 160mm
  Weight: 85g

Bread knife

  Full length: 340mm
  Blade length: 210mm
  Weight: 68 g

Utility knife

  Full length: 260mm
  Blade length: 130mm
  Weight: 57 g