□ Detailed attention given to the blade


■ The blades of the utility knife and petit knife have been carefully designed with a gentle curve and slim form. The stylish design and sharpness of the knives are perfect for women.


■ The Cheese Knife Hard and Pizza Cutter eliminate unnecessary projections and recesses as top priority has been placed on simplicity.


□ Detailed attention given to two types of serrated edges for the bread knife

■ The two types of serrated edges are specifically designed for cutting bread. The idea was born from lively conversations by female staff and research.


■ The end of the blade easily cuts through hard crusts while the center part smoothly slices the bread. 


■ The knife makes a very clean cut, creating beautifully thin slices and minimal crumbs.


□ Detailed attention given to the square handle

■ The  handle is made of solid Japanese zelkova.

■ A natural-looking handle has been created with the refreshing color and soft texture of wood grain.


■ The square form is gently curved for easy use in the kitchen, at the table or during a party in the garden.




Blade : stainless steel (DSR1k6) 

Handle : Japanese zelkova (natural wood)


■Although the surface is coated, do not keep the knife wet for long periods of time.


Product list

From top


■ Bread knife

 SM-4000 / JAN 292667

full length 370mm

blade length 240mm

weight 75g 


■ Ban no knife 

 SM-4001 / JAN 292674

full length 290mm

blade length 170mm

weight 73g 


■ petit knife

SM-4002 / JAN 292681

full length 230mm

blade leghth 120mm

weight 50g


■ Soft cheese knife

SM-4005 / JAN 292711

full length 220mm

blade length 115mm

weight 45g


■ Hard cheese knife

SM-4004 / JAN 292704

full length 170mm

blade length 65mm

weight 56g


■ pizza cutter

SM-4003 / JAN 292698

full length 185mm

blade length 73mm

weight 75g 



*Maker Code :4571313

Cutting Boards


A stylish way to serve food


These cutting boards are suit for set out on tables for friends and family to cut cheese, bread and fruit. The side faces are also beveled to an angle for easy gripping as a serving tray. 


Unvarnished elm with walnut oil finish


To ensure greater safety as a kitchen tool, these cutting boards are made of unvarnished wood and coated with natural oil. It is natural wood, warping may occur, in which case you should wet the cutting board with water, lay the warped side face down on a counter, set weights on it and let it sit overnight. 

The ease with which these cutting boards can be used results from the time-honored craftsmanship that went into making them. The elm from which they are made is strong and features a beautiful grain similar to zelkova.

product list

■ Small

SM-0800 /JAN 292841

size 180 x 180 x 20 mm

Weight 390 g


■ Middle

SM-0801 / JAN 292858 l

size 300 x 180 x 20 mm

Weight 700 g 


■ Large

SM-0802 / JAN 292865

size 300 x 300 x 20 mml

weight900 g 



 〇 Maker code : 4571313