- gen -


Gen (玄) means BLACK and EXPERT in Japan. 


The distinctive iron black and Damascus pattern make you feel the beauty and depth of Japanese harmony. 

Japanese traditional handle 'shape of chestnut naturally grips the hand, and the hammer on the blade stops food sticking to the blade. 

Material:33Layers of Damascus steel 
       (VG10 core)

Handle:Laminated Wood Handle

 Made in Japan 


Using metal core part in joint the blade and handle.

Product list

Gyuto 240 mm

 model number: SG-1100

 Full length: 380 mm
  Blade length: 240 mm
  Weight: 192 g

Gyuto 210 mm

  model number: SG-1101

  Full length: 350 mm

  Blade length: 210 mm
  Weight: 164 g

Gyuto 180 mm

  model number: SG-1102

  Full length: 320 mm

  Blade length: 180 mm
  Weight: 142 g

Utility knife 160 mm

  model number: SG-1110

  Full length: 285 mm
  Blade length: 160 mm
  Weight: 110 g

Petty knife 130 mm

  model number: SG-1111

  Full length: 255 mm

  Blade length: 130 mm
  Weight: 83 g